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In Cinder Frameworks

By Anthony

OpenGL Threading in Cinder

On 13, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In Cinder Frameworks, OpenGL | By Anthony

While creating a Cinder app that loads FBX Models I found that when I am baking animations into DisplayLists, and loading textures, the application stalls. Immediately most will note that this is an ideal case for using threads. Cinder has some really great Boost thread wrappers; but the problem in this case is that it that a purely C++ solution will not cut it as OpenGL functionality is required to load textures and DisplayLists to the video card. Fortunately there is a surprisingly easy solution!

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OpenFrameworks Music/Interactive Visualizer

On 13, May 2010 | 4 Comments | In Interactive Work, OpenFrameworks | By Anthony


Recently I was asked to fill in as a “VJ/video jockey” for a local club this past Friday. Dabbling quite a bit with openFrameworks recently it seemed a natural fit to create an interactive experience, with some controls so that I could still claim to be a VJ and not just a programmer! The following motion detection/sound detection visualizer is what I came up with …

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