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On 13, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In | By Anthony

Tai Chi Kinect Exhibit

This is an interactive installation project created for The Confucious Insitute at Carleton University to help teach visitors about Taoism via hand interactions and simple Tai Chi movements. I created this current prototype in Unity using a Kinect2 to handle Kinect hand and body interactions. I also animated and modelled elements in Autodesk Maya while setting up an environment that looked to take place on Mount Hua in China.

This project is meant to be a part of a larger selection of projects meant to highlight China’s wonderful and multi-faceted culture and history in partnership with Dr.¬†Ali Arya and The Confucius Institute of Carleton University.

  • Meant to be displayed in an open museum-type area.
  • Navigation happens via hands touching radial buttons.
  • The visitor can also follow along with a virtual instructor to complete simple Tai Chi movements to unlock more information about Taoism.
  • Allows for only one user at a time but future iterations may include multi-user peripheral interactions.
  • Used Unity’s particle systems and Global Illumination engine to create an attractive and vibrant sunny mountain top environment.
  • Modelled and animated the simple Tai Chi movements used Autodesk’s Maya.

Taoism_Kinect_Installation_2 Taoism_Kinect_Installation_1 Taoism_Kinect_Installation_3 Taoism_Kinect_Installation_4

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