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On 06, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In | By Anthony

Ottawa Jazz Festival 2014

To create an innovative and interactive marketing piece for the Ottawa Jazz Festival I designed and programmed a piece that would be visible during the day; but lit up and animated at the night for a more spectacular effect. Passers-by could interact with the piece by using special hashtags directed to the OttawaJazz Twitter account during the festival.

Made in collaboration with Henri Kuschkowitz of Luminartists; whom was able to construct the physical structure.

Programmed using C++ and OpenGL with Cinder Frameworks.

Product Showcase App

Installation at Night

Product Showcase App

Installation at Day

To demonstrate the potential of the project before building it I also developed a simulation software using real-time spotlights, dynamic textures, and 3D models modelled in Maya as seen below.

Simulated 3D Application

Simulated 3D Application

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