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Cinder Frameworks

The Aquaroom

On 06, May 2011 | No Comments | In Cinder Frameworks, Installation Work, OpenGL | By Anthony

Presentation day for Aquaroom

My senior project team has finally finished our final project for the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University. Read more …

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In Cinder Frameworks

By Anthony

OpenGL Threading in Cinder

On 13, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In Cinder Frameworks, OpenGL | By Anthony

While creating a Cinder app that loads FBX Models I found that when I am baking animations into DisplayLists, and loading textures, the application stalls. Immediately most will note that this is an ideal case for using threads. Cinder has some really great Boost thread wrappers; but the problem in this case is that it that a purely C++ solution will not cut it as OpenGL functionality is required to load textures and DisplayLists to the video card. Fortunately there is a surprisingly easy solution!

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FBX SDK Working on Mac OSX and Cinder

On 13, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In Autodesk Maya, Cinder Frameworks | By Anthony

I am currently working a on a project that required creating a FBX Importer using Cinder. And I must admit that there is not much documentation out there regarding how to get everything running on Mac OSX. Even Autodesk’s own documentation is extremely limited when it comes to Mac.

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The Philosopher Cube

On 26, Jan 2011 | No Comments | In Cinder Frameworks, Commissions, Installation Work | By Anthony

The Philosopher Cube on Rideau Centre

“The Philosopher Cube” was a project that I was commissioned to do for Ottawa’s 2010 Electric Fields Festival in November. The creative director, Ryan Stec, and my Algonquin College Research supervisor James Acres asked that I create a large projection that could be interacted with using cell-phones. After some daydreaming and some early sketching I arrived at the concept of an Alien Cube floating in front of Ottawa’s Rideau Centre asking passers-by questions of thought about the human race such as “what is love?” or “what is war?”

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