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Family and a diverse community is very important too; as we all work together, through varied and significant perspectives, to move forward (onto the stars one day I hope).

Programming is a means to an end. To bring a person into a virtual world through a meaningful user participant experience is an extremely compelling endeavour that I continuously strive for. I try not to focus on the technology itself but rather the experience inspired by the surrounding social and environmental context.

I also espouse the effect of the participant, in that I wish for a viewer of an interactive form to not only understand their position as a muse but also come to an emergent realization as co-creator of the work. In a similar manner education and knowledge-sharing is also important to me as it helps define the conscious and subconscious past we come from, in an attempt to create a better future.

• I study art, and 3D/2D design for better concept
• I study programming for better implementation
• I study UX to help guide and validate my approaches

– Anthony
father, husband, phd student, teacher, interactive artist


“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.”
– Marshall McLuhan


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