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In Autodesk Maya
Unity 3D

By Anthony

The S.S. Everlast

On 27, Jan 2011 | No Comments | In Autodesk Maya, Design, Unity 3D | By Anthony

S.S. Everlast Screenshot

The SS Everlast is a ship traveling from London to New York loaded with wealthy passengers. On a particularly rough night on the open Atlantic, SS Everlast runs into trouble and begins to sink. Your survival rests on your ability to make it to the top deck of the ship where a lifeboat is stored …

And so is the basic premise behind a game I created along with 4 other peers at school for a studio class. My role in the The S.S. Everlast project was to design and model art assests to be used within a Unity-created speed platformer game. I was heavily inspired by the iPhone game: Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor whose own art style I found extremely refreshing. Though our game was to be a 2D platformer it was to be made of 3D assets to give a better sense of depth.

S.S. Everlast Concept Shott

I enjoyed working strictly in design ( as opposed to coding ) for a change, and found Unity’s FBX importer to be fairly robust and reliable. I would love to go back and further detail models and objects, and I am not so sure the style is as strong as that in Spider; but given the time restraints I am pleased to be able to jump into the Unity web player on and see an 1920’s setting that is believable and slightly stylized.

S.S. Everlast Final Scene and Concept

My teammates:

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