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Tai Chi Kinect Exhibit

Ottawa Jazz Festival 2014

Invest Ottawa Light Installation – “Paths”

Virtual Marionette

Ottawa Children’s Festival – Under The Sea

Deferred Renderer WIP

Cello Goose

Cello Club Postcard

The Philosopher Cube

Interactive Forest

Interactive Aquarium

Interactive Music Visualizer

Cello Concert Handout

iOS Product Showcase App

UI / UX / Branding Design


Touch Prototype

Avoidance Shooter Prototype

Scoreboard Semplice

3D Student Works

Poster Design for Electric Fields

Drinking App Design

Artificial Evolution

Calculus Dragon

Curious Otter


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Autodesk Maya “City Builder”

27th January 2012 By Anthony

City Render

I was organizing directories on my computer and ran across what could be of some use to others: a Maya MEL script for procedurally creating a downtown cityscape.

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Scoreboard Semplice [iOS]

15th January 2012 By Anthony

Scoreboard Semplice Screenshot 2

Scoreboard Semplice (for iOS) is a universal iOS Scoreboard app I created for all iOS5 iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches.

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The Aquaroom

6th May 2011 By Anthony

Presentation day for Aquaroom

My senior project team has finally finished our final project for the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University. Read more …